Mail for iPhone & iPad

Today we all know people who use an iPhone or an iPad for email.  The devices do a pretty good job as their commercial success shows.

Using anything other mail software on the iPhone or iPad seems to be heresy, but that’s not such a bad thing.  Here is a summary of the functionality:


    • Mail lets you access multiple POP, Exchange and IMAP email accounts.
    • Emails with rich formatting and heavily formatted attachments are properly displayed.
    • Attachments can be opened in external apps.
    • There’s close integration with iPhone Contacts.
    • Close integration with the Safari web browser makes viewing linked web pages quick and simple.
    • Integration with Calendar turns emails into diary events.
    • Siri lets you find emails by voice.  It will read them to you and let you compose new messages and send them.
    • Find mail in From, To and Subject as well as body text search.
    • You can use bulk delete, bulk move, bulk flag and bulk ‘mark as read’ or ‘mark as unread‘.
    • You can set up VIP email senders.  Email from them is then collected in an automatic priority search folder.  They can also be announced in a special way.
    • Pictures from iPhone Photos can be easily sent as attachments.
    • You can paste rich-text content from the web into your emails and apply basic text formatting.
    • iPhone Mail expands iPhone-wide text snippets and is lets third-party applications create emails, using message templates, for example.
    • Email from iCloud, Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft Exchange accounts can be sent to iPhone Mail.
    • Mail supports iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch 4/5 and iPad 2 as well as new iPad.

    As usual with any software, there are pros and cons.  They seem to be:


      • The software is mature and powerful
      • You can view richly formatted messages and attachments the way they were intended
      • There’s predictive text which is handy when all your typing is on touch screen
      • iOS Mail handles multiple POP, IMAP and Exchange accounts, for some with live updates and search on the server’s side


      • iOS Mail does not sort messages by anything but date, and threading could be more comprehensive
      • You cannot filter mail in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail or use message templates
      • There’s no full-text searching
      • Files other than photos and videos are not easily attached and shared in iOS Mail

      Mail for iOS Settings for Net2Air

      Coming soon…