About Us

Were a wireless internet service provider (WISP) offering flexible Internet of Things (IOT) technical solutions for small and startup companies in the Marine and Agricultural industries.  Our wireless services are spread across satellite, LoRaWAN, WiFi 6 and 5G. We also provide Internet device responders to generate the relevant data needed for any project for our customers whether they be inert or mobile.

The bulk of our work is focussed on delivering data across large areas to enable monitoring of large numbers of assets be they animal or physical in nature.

Net2Air was formed in 2010 by a small group of highly experienced technocrats.  We offer cloud services as well as offering ‘conventional’ ISP services such as domain name registration services through Nominet and others, web hosting and email hosting.  In most of these cases we will deliver these services under the name of the customer (white label internet services) and we have many years of provisioning experience in the industry.  That includes delivering reliable services for:

 The UK Ministry of Defence

London Tourist Board (now Visit London)

Alliance & Leicester (now Santander)

Timeout Magazine

All our hosting is to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards.

Net2Air registers and manages domains  for many customers worldwide.  We’re UK based, but we operate widely in Asia and the Middle East as well as in Europe.  If it’s a domain in Dominica or hosting in Hong Kong, we can help.  We’re happy to manage your domain and/or hosting portfolio for you.  We always give you the flexibility to chop and change as you need.