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Thank you for your interest in Net2Air Ltd.  If you would like us to link to your website or you would like permission to use some of the material on our website, please complete the form below.  Thank you.

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The UK Copyright Service have an excellent page on this.  Here is the link if you would like to read the full text.  The long and the short of it is though – if you want to use material from someone else’s website, you need to get their permission!

This extract is from their web page ‘Fact sheet P-13: Obtaining permission to use copyright material


It says: ‘Before you can legally sell, publish or distribute someone else’s copyright work, you must obtain the permission of the copyright owner. This rule applies even if you are only using extracts or samples from the work.’

Under Clause 1. of that document, it says:

…’For website content, it is normal to contact the webmaster of the site. The webmaster may either give permission directly or refer your request to someone in the company who can deal with your request.’

Under Clause 4 it says:

To speed up any request, you should include the following information in a request:

  • A full description of the work you wish to use:
    1. The name of the author and title of the work.
    2. If the work is a book, the ISBN number, (or ISSN for periodicals).
    3. An exact description of the content you wish to include. (including any title, version, illustrations/images/diagrams, chapter/section/page numbers, start and end points of the extract required, etc.)
  • How the work will be used:
    1. Will it be adapted, performed, or re-recorded?
    2. If it will be changed in any way, give specific details of the changes, and assurances that the work will not be used to mislead, slander, or bring the author into disrepute.
    3. Will it be included within other content, and if so what is the overall context, and what proportion of the overall work does the copied content represent.
    4. An estimated number of units you expect to sell, (if applicable), and the time scale over which you expect to sell them.
    5. How will the work be reproduced, (i.e. published in book format, released online, etc.)
    6. Give assurances that the work will be properly attributed.

Include full contact details of the person wishing to use the work, (or agent if applicable), to ensure that you can be contacted in case of any questions.

  • Attribute the work correctly.
  • Always include the source or your material and state the name of the owner and include the correct copyright notice for the copied work.
  • Further reading Factsheet P-27 – Using the work of others.