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Mail for iPhone & iPad

Apple_LogoWe all seem to know at least one person who uses an iPhone or an iPad for email.  The devices do a pretty good job but even with the current version 6, they could still do with one or two additional features.

Using anything other mail software on the iPhone or iPad seems to be heresy, but that’s not such a bad thing.  Here is a summary of the functionality:

  • Mail lets you access multiple POP, Exchange and IMAP email accounts.
  • Emails with rich formatting and heavily formatted attachments are properly displayed.
  • Attachments can be opened in external apps.
  • There’s close integration with iPhone Contacts.
  • Close integration with the Safari web browser makes viewing linked web pages quick and simple.
  • Integration with Calendar turns emails into diary events.
  • Siri lets you find emails by voice.  It will read them to you and let you compose new messages and send them.
  • Find mail in From, To and Subject as well as body text search.
  • You can use bulk delete, bulk move, bulk flag and bulk ‘mark as read’ or ‘mark as unread‘.
  • You can set up VIP email senders.  Email from them is then collected in an automatic priority search folder.  They can also be announced in a special way.
  • Pictures from iPhone Photos can be easily sent as attachments.
  • You can paste rich-text content from the web into your emails and apply basic text formatting.
  • iPhone Mail expands iPhone-wide text snippets and is lets third-party applications create emails, using message templates, for example.
  • Email from iCloud, Yahoo! Mail or Microsoft Exchange accounts can be sent to iPhone Mail.
  • Mail supports iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch 4/5 and iPad 2 as well as new iPad.


As usual with any software, there are pros and cons.  They seem to be:


ProsMail_on_iPhone2 for Mail for iPhone page

  • The software is mature and powerful
  • You can view richly formatted messages and attachments the way they were intended
  • There’s predictive text which is handy when all your typing is on touch screen
  • iOS Mail handles multiple POP, IMAP and Exchange accounts, for some with live updates and search on the server’s side


  • iOS Mail does not sort messages by anything but date, and threading could be more comprehensive
  • You cannot filter mail in iPhone Mail and iPad Mail or use message templates
  • There’s no full-text searching
  • Files other than photos and videos are not easily attached and shared in iOS Mail

And, in the Autumn of 2013, there will be a new version of the operating system – iOS 7 for iPads and iPhones.  iOS7 is a major revamp of the software, both in look and feel – we have not included iOS7 functionality here – the details shown on this page are all in relation to iOS6.


Mail for iOS Settings for Net2Air

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